Banking & Financial Services

The financial services space is a well-regulated space the world over and are expected to operate in a completely transparent manner. High capital requirements for entry generally limit participation to a number of large players. Many of the players also have vast consumer franchises. Moreover, since they deal with money, the security requirements are high.


With this combination of expectations and markets, automation, where possible, becomes essential. On account of the sensitivity related to security and confidentiality, much of the work needs to be done by inhouse resources. The width of IT talent that works for an established financial services organisation could put a mid-size IT company to shame.

In addition to IT, the range of services offered as well as job roles is vast, with some being for limited periods of time or for a specific task or project. Staffing solutions provider Ushankk takes the pressure off HR and hiring teams with its just-in-time staffing solutions across varied skillsets and job roles.


The advent and growth of Fintech (Financial Technology) companies is shaking up the established financial services order and is expected to throw up many new opportunities.


The nimbleness that Ushankk can provide will be critical for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance businesses to survive and thrive.

Roles We Hire For

Wealth Management
Consumer Lending
Recovery and Collections
Trade Finance
Mutual Funds
Financial Markets
Claims Processing
Policy Processing
Life and General Insurance