Payroll in an integral responsibility for employing people to work for you. It is the process through which wages are paid and are governed by legislation to the effect designed to ensure fairness in the process and to protect employees. It is sometimes referred to as payrolling. Running a fully compliant payroll is a requirement, not a choice.


Payrolling is a solution offered by Ushankk, a professional staffing organisation. Ushankk takes on the sometimes onerous responsibilities associated with payrolling, from a client. As a staffing firm, Ushankk, is better placed to keep abreast of regulations governing salary payments, and to fulfil them as well, protecting both employees as well as their clients.


Your payrolling company, Ushankk, will serve as the ‘employer of record’ so that related responsibilities attach to them, and not the client. They will make and deposit statutory deductions, offer paid leave as per regulatory requirements, and offer insurance coverage, as per client directions.

Benefits of Payrolling

Allows sharper focus on core business activities

Ensure regulatory compliance through an expert

Exposure to suite of staffing solutions

Save time and

Who is it for?

Payrolling can be useful for startups as well as small and medium sized organisations that do not have the scale to invest in competent resources to manage regulatory requirements associated with payroll processing. It can also be useful for larger organisations who are interested in losing the fat in support functions and focus on their core competency.

When you venture out of your comfort zone and start hiring people in less familiar territories, Ushankk’s payroll services will enable you to run a compliant payroll.

Ushankk – Your partner in Payrolling

Vast network of resources

Consultative approach

Comprehensive service options

Fortune 500 clients

Zero client attrition

Background checks, T&M