Direct-Hire Placement

Direct-hire placement is the traditional hiring process for filling an open position, one of the key services offered by Ushankk. Ushankk will undertake to carry out the entire process on behalf of the client, from the search, to shortlisting, through to the salary negotiation and verification of antecedents, or an agreed subset of the process.


Direct-hire placement is an important component for Ushankk, a full-service staffing company. With their databases built over many different types of staffing services and their close relationships with candidates, Ushankk is able to fulfil client requirements faster than search firms.


Software Engineer or QA, Accountant or Recruiter, Technician or Legal Counsel, Ushankk will find the best for you.

Benefits of Direct-Hire Placement

Saves time, cost and energy in filling positions

Recruitment team gets multiplied by enlisting a professional agency

Candidates prefer direct-hire placement, hence easier to hire

Hard-to-fill positions can be filled through this approach

Get access to a wider pool of candidates

Who is it for?

People is a key requirement for all organiztions. Direct Hire is the traditional method through which people requirements have been fulfilled. Augment your hiring capacity and capability, with Ushankk’s Direct Hire solutions. Expand your reach with Ushankk’s curated database and network.

Ushankk – Your partner in Direct-Hire Placements

Vast network of resources

Consultative approach

Comprehensive service options

Fortune 500 clients

Zero client attrition

Match job to talent