Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Would you rather focus on your business or worry about the many support functions that need to be managed? Recruitment is one such process which needs you to identify requirements, draw up job descriptions, put out advertisements or otherwise seek candidates, assess their suitability, negotiate compensation, seek references verify credentials, etc. With recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), you can employ Ushankk, a specialist organisation whose business it is to do each of these activities for a living. The engagement of a third-party specialist vendor for fulfilling your organisation’s recruitment requirements is known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO.


For high volume recruitment, RPO is highly recommended.


RPO is role agnostic. Regardless of the function or industry, Ushankk will support the requirement. It will work as an extension of your recruitment function and provide end-to-end recruitment services. We can be co-located onsite if you are working on-premise.

Benefits of Recruitment
Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Management focus can stay on core business

RPO works like an extension of your organisation

Pricing that is fair to both parties

Flexibility in ramping up resources or down

Expertise of a partner who does it as a business

Who is it for?

RPO can benefit all organisations. In an increasingly competitive world, management teams are hard pressed to achieve success in their core business. Handling of support functions like recruitment can become distractions. The emergence of Staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing opens up new avenues for all organisations, without sacrificing much by way of control. It makes sense to contract with a specialist provider like Ushankk for RPO. Many startups and SMEs are already taking the decision to go the RPO way.

If your organisation is hiring in bulk, RPO can add significant value to your organisation. Consider RPO. Consider Ushankk.

Ushankk – Your responsive RPO partner

Vast network of resources

Consultative, responsive partner

Comprehensive service options offered

Fortune 500 clients

Zero client attrition

Match job to talent + cultural fit