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India is the world’s second-largest telecommunications market and has registered strong growth in the last decade. The Indian mobile economy is growing rapidly and will contribute substantially to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the days to come.


The pandemic has contributed to the growth of the industry with tele-commuting gradually becoming the norm. Though it has been forced as a practice by the pandemic, it is expected that once the shadow starts lifting, the office may never go back to its former self, and many employers preferring telecommuting employees over physically present ones.


The deregulation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms has made the sector one of the fastest growing and the top five employment opportunity generator in the country.

Over the next few years, rise in mobile-phone penetration and decline in data costs will continue to add new subscribers at a rapid rate, creating opportunities not only in telecom but many other businesses that use telecom as their backbone.


Apart from technical resources, the industry will also need a large number of resources to manage the huge subscriber bases that have been built by the major providers. Ushankk can help you manage the manpower challenges these developments present.


At the same time, the media and entertainment industry continues to take giant strides. Advertising as well as subscription revenue is growing. Video on demand and OTT platforms are rapidly expanding, on the backbone of faster internet speeds. The industry as a whole could be on the threshold of a significant phase of growth.


The nimbleness that Ushankk can provide will be critical for Communication services providers to survive and thrive.

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