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5 -

9 years

Job Description:

1. Good understanding of Google Cloud Platform services
2. Understanding of technicality needed to launch instances, create VPC, attach partitions, Storage options and applicability
3.Basic understanding of automating infrastructure provisioning tasks using Terraform
4. Should be able to restart services, create service at launch, basic AD Access configuration for logins Jenkins
Continuous Integration:
1. Hands-on experience in designing pipelines & pipeline as code
2. Understands code quality analysis& code quality gates via SonarQube
3. Hands-on experience in the setup, maintenance, upgrade of Build Servers, tools for CI etc.
4. Understands change management& release management concepts
5. Can explain versioning, branching& merging strategy? Jenkins
Continuous Deployment:
1. Understands continuous deployment pipelines
2. Understands application & web servers deployments
3. Basic Understanding of how the Tool integrates with Continuous Integration Terraform
Configuration Management:
1. Understands the concepts of immutable & idempotent infrastructure
2. Hands-on experience in the architecture of configuration management tools
3. Understands the environment agnostic & product/application agnostic design patterns
Docker Containers and Containers Orchestration:
1. Understanding of containers. Ability to log on -off containers, modify and update existing containers
2. Update configurations within containers
3. Include containers in CI Cycle
4. Understanding of container hosting and management on cloud (Hosted and managed)
1. Understands container orchestrator Kubernetes architecture
2. Can explain blue/green deployments in Kubernetes
3. Hands-on experience in deployments, services etc.
4. Understands logging & monitoring in containers
1. Hands-on experience in scripting languages such as groovy, go, python, shell etc., Comments: , WorkSite:

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