Endur Developer

Job Details


4 -

9 years

Job Description:

• Must have good experience working in the implementation of projects with complex system architectures in the Endur.
• Experience of at least 1-2 ‘live’ Endur project with hands-on experience in OpenJVS or OpenComponents
• Ability to write plug-ins for extracting data from database, custom simulations, operations scripts, nomination update, accounting rules etc.
• Experience in writing queries involving multiple tables, self joins, inner and outer joins, inner queries, group by functions etc.
• Understand and use OO design principles to create modular, extensible, and reusable code
• Fair understanding of ETRM/CTRM domain with experience on at least one asset classes e.g. Power, Natural Gas, LNG, crude and products etc.
• Has understanding of the data model of Endur and is aware of key tables and the columns.
• Should be clear about configurations needed to support front, mid and back-office processes

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