Candidates as contractors can benefit from quick placement and varied employment opportunities of staffing companies

Getting hired by an established organization is becoming an uphill task. The hiring barriers have kept going up as employers have been making efforts to identify candidates with the right technical skills as well as alignment with the company’s values, for best results. Technical tests, psychometric evaluations, group discussions, several rounds of interviews, background checks, are all par for the course. For senior hires, even social media participation is often scanned to ensure that there are no conflicts in the public sphere.

The odds are increasingly getting stacked against people in entry-level or relatively junior roles who are either looking for a swift switch to another company where they will continue to ply the same trade, or for an employer where they will get an exposure to other skills and tools, enabling them to widen their skills and experience.

What is a young worker/ jobseeker to do?

There is a solution for them. That of engaging as a consultant with staffing companies in India such as Ushankk.

A professional staffing services partner, at any time, offers a variety of talent and skills to its clients. Besides, at any point in time, established companies like Ushankk have several clients. The variety of roles that a consultant, who is on the roles of Ushankk, can get, thus gets multiplied manifold.

From a consultant’s perspective, he or she can get an opportunity to work in different capacities in different roles, perhaps helping them decide what is likely to work best in the long run. They can also add skills to their Resume at a much faster pace than would be possible if they were employed by one company where they would, in all probability, be doing the same job for a much longer period of time.

Also, now they are not alone in their search for suitable employment. As long as they are on the rolls of a resource and staff augmentation provider who is a vendor to other corporations, they will be under the safety umbrella of that company. The staff augmentation solutions provider will be on the lookout for suitable assignments for them as well as all their other consultants and contractors. You will have them, with all their resources and experience, batting on your team.

All other benefits of being a consultant, such as working at your own pace, being recognized as an expert in your functional area and networking with like-skilled people from around the world, are on top.

Operating as a consultant is now a well-established and accepted practice in the IT industry. What is less well known is that consultants are in demand in a variety of industries. Check out the list of industries that Ushankk caters to with its manpower consulting and staffing solutions.


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