How to Ensure Reliable Technical IT Support

It is often stated that nowadays every company is a technology company. The context, more often than not, is digital technology.

In many ways, there is some truth in this statement. Even a company that, prima facie, appears to be traditional, or bricks and mortar, will place significant reliance on digital tools for their work, from the basic communication services such as email to the more complex and business-specific digital applications specific to their industry.

Have you ever wondered how these companies are able to operate, mostly without glitches, despite relying on software tools and computing devices?

Most people who work in these companies are experts in their area of work. A real estate company could have designers and landscapers, as an example. While they are expected to possess the smarts to be able to use the tools required for their work, they do not know much about the many moving parts that keep it all together.

What happens when the network goes down?

Or, when a virus attacks?

Or, when a website has to be white-labelled?

Or, when the Active Directory needs to be updated?

This is where the IT team of the company comes in. And, along with the IT team, the desktop support technician. He/she may not wear a cape, but, for users, the desktop support technician is the superman, or woman, who helps them do their job by ensuring that the digital tools placed at their disposal perform to their potential.

So far, we have discussed a technician’s role in the context of a company. However, the job is much wider.

How is that?

Each one of us use devices and software applications in our daily lives; in fact, many of them have now become indispensable. Many situations that can affect technology in a corporate setting, also impact all of us as individuals.

The network may go down.

The device may get afflicted by a virus.

An application may start misbehaving.

What do we do?

We reach out to a help desk, usually provided by the manufacturer of the device or application, to ensure that users can have an uninterrupted, positive experience. These desks are managed, again, by the supermen and women who help us navigate through the issue and resolve them. In some cases, a physical inspection or site visit may be needed but, thanks to the growing capability of the desktop support technicians, these are becoming rarer.

While acting as an extension of the company’s brand, these technicians are carrying out a multi-dimensional task, and marrying technical skills with communication and customer-handling skills, to deliver. After all, people seeking support from a help desk may have limited technical understanding and often need patience and understanding while handling.

The desktop support technician’s role has gradually become portable. That is the reason many companies prefer to hire partners who specialize in this activity, instead of hiring inhouse technicians. Established staffing companies like Ushankk are a preferred partner for organizations for IT Infrastructure Support services.

Ushankk is able to attract the best talent as it is well placed to create career paths for technicians to keep the IT Infrastructure up and running in a variety of streams such as database administration, IT security and network administration, among others, based on the area of interest of individuals.

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