Why outplacement needs to be outsourced

In an increasingly dynamic world, where decision horizons are getting shorter, providing an outplacement service to outgoing staff members has become a fairly established good practice among large corporations. It is considered to be the ‘right’ thing to do as well as a brand-protection and enhancement strategy. Though the core composition of services offered has also become reasonably standard over a period of time, each company and agency can still have unique offerings.

An equally noteworthy development is that more and more companies are choosing to outsource outplacement services to an external partner. What are the reasons?

Sensitivity is better handled with an external partner

The need for outplacement arises usually on account of terminations and redundancies. Both are sensitive situations for the impacted employees when they are likely to feel vulnerable. Outplacement and career transition related interactions between employees staying back in the company and employees who need to go, could be emotionally charged. An agency taking the place of continuing employees is likely to defuse this tension. In addition, departing employees may be more comfortable in such discussions with strangers rather than people who have been colleagues and possibly friends.

Draws a finish line for organizational responsibility

Outplacement is generally effort-based. Success is not guaranteed. One of the primary objectives in offering this service is the protection of brand-value. A transition may or may not be successfully achieved through outplacement. Or, it could take long. In either situation, lack of success or delayed results could rub off negatively on the company’s image. It is considered best to separate the company from the actual task of outplacement so that its results do not reflect on the company. It has done its best by providing outplacement support. Its role ends there.

Allows the company to focus on its business goals

And, of course, this is not the main activity of the company. It would not like to be distracted from its goals, especially during challenging times; redundancies and terminations usually happen when the business faces headwinds. At such a time, a company needs to maintain laser-sharp focus on its goals and ensure all resources at its disposal, including human, are doing the same. Taking on responsibilities such as outplacement on one’s own shoulders will detract from the sharp focus needed to succeed in challenging times.

Once the strategy of outsourcing the service has been established, it is equally important to ensure that the right partner is hired. It is a sensitive time in the lives of people and needs to be handled with care by a competent agency, such as Ushankk, who provides a comprehensive suite of services covering staffing and outplacement. With its reach across the industry spectrum as well as work with different organizational levels, Ushankk is well positioned to have a bird’s eye view of opportunities and enable people to make the transition from one role to another, one company to another and even one industry to another.

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