Recruitment consultants can meet client resource needs through multiple sources

When it comes to meeting the resource requirements of their clients, who are usually business corporations in various industries, staffing companies regularly pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. Whether they have to beat the bushes for it, or crawl into dark recesses of the world wide web, they find a way to ferret out qualified resources for open positions and play their part in consummating the union.

Just how do HR consulting firms make it happen?

Taking the example of Ushankk, a leading provider of professional staffing services in India, job boards are often the starting point for a search. As we know, at this point, Naukri, LinkedIn and Indeed are perhaps the most popular job boards in India. Ushankk makes it a point to be a premium member of the popular job boards so that it has access to the millions, perhaps tens of millions, of active jobseeker profiles available on them. The job boards, on their part, provide premium members with the facility to search through profiles with the help of filters in order that the staff augmentation solutions provider can shortlist some suitable profiles who they can then reach out to directly.

Sometimes, Ushankk will also advertise their requirement on these job boards, so that interested candidates can reach out to them. This becomes a more efficient process, especially when the numbers required are large, which is usually the case for entry-level or near entry-level hiring.

The Ushankk website, of course, is a powerful force for attracting candidates. Openings with clients, that the Ushankk team is working on, are advertised on their website. Should a role be of interest, visitors to the website have the facility of submitting an application for the consideration of the lead recruiter. Candidates who have registered on the website are on the database of their recruiters and will be contacted should a requirement suitable for their skill come up.

Ushankk has a strong database management system for tracking candidates who may have interacted with them in the past. It is growing every day. It is a great starting point for recruiters when they work on a mandate. What cannot be found through this database is then taken to the outside world.

One cannot ignore the reach of social media in today’s day and age. Though apparently meant for people-to-people connections, social media platforms have spawned a myriad business applications that are widely used. Ushankk has a presence on a number of platforms and often shares information that could be of interest to its constituents, mainly recruiting organizations and jobseekers. Readers of this post are invited to connect with Ushankk on its social media handles so that updates can reach them. The handles can be reached on:




Most major platforms also have groups and communities where people with similar interests come together for sharing information, seeking answers to their queries and such like. Through its participation in these communities, Ushankk has built up a following. As and when it has openings, it also shares the information in relevant groups.

We have our clients covered.

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