Staffing agencies in India bring recruiters and jobseekers together through innovative solutions

“East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,” remarked Rudyard Kipling once.

The same was said about qualified candidates and job opportunities. They seemed to exist on different planes with no point of intersection. Recruiters with open positions would complain about the lack of talent in the world and qualified candidates would complain about the lack of opportunities created by the millions of recruiting organisations in the world.

Thanks to the efforts of recruiting specialists such as Ushankk, the world has changed substantially. HR solution providers have become the bridge that connects recruiters with jobseekers, resulting in open positions being filled and jobseekers finding suitable roles. They might even be credited for contributing to the efforts of almost all governments, most of whom have the twin goals of creating employment opportunities and reducing unemployment in their jurisdiction.

It does not come easy. While traditional recruiting might still lead the way with numbers, enterprising staffing agencies in India have not shied away from introducing innovative solutions in the marketplace in order to make it possible for companies to get talent and jobseekers to get work.

The staff augmentation solutions provided by Ushankk, one of the leading IT staffing companies in India, enable mission-critical skilled manpower at short notice. Project and skill-based resources are made available, on a variety of flexible arrangements.

IT staffing is one of the most sought-after services today. Technically qualified resources are engaged for an organization for meaningful work on suitable, agreed compensation. Ushankk will carry out the search and fulfil all statutory and administrative requirements like paying salary and depositing statutory deductions into defined accounts, freeing the recruiter from the responsibilities. The engagement could be either on the basis of time delivered or work/ tasks delivered. Providing manpower for IT managed services, that includes running equipment 24×7, data backups and storage, cybersecurity measures, handling user issues, and many other business-critical tasks, is also a requirement in many companies.

Ushankk is equipped to provide qualified staff for many other functions such as Finance and HR that are responsible for fulfilling regulatory requirements. Whether your company is in the Pharma or Insurance industry or it is an Airline, experienced professionals in these fields are required everywhere. Leveraging the Ushankk talent pool will often be quicker than searching the marketplace from scratch.

It helps to have a quiver full of arrows that can be used when the need arises. Ushankk offers clients need-based solutions such as Contract to Hire (C2H), in which the company agrees to take the employee on to their rolls after a certain period thereby reducing the initial starting time, or Payrolling, where the client is freed from the statutory responsibilities related to manpower, or even Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) where Ushankk takes over the complete handling of the recruitment function, typically preferred by companies with a large need for entry-level resources. Even related functions like onboarding and background verification will be done for you.

As a specialist HR firm, Ushankk is better placed to keep track of changing regulations and marketplace conditions, and get you better results.

Would you rather focus on your business or worry about the many challenges that recruitment and staffing often throw up? With Ushankk as your partner, the choice should be clear.

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