The role of an IT consultant explained

In an increasingly IT dependent world, the role of an IT consultant has come to occupy a critical position. It delivers value both to the company that engages him/ her, as well as the IT consultant who has chosen that path over that of being an employee in the IT team of a company.

Who exactly is an IT consultant?

An IT consultant is an expert in Information Technology (IT), or, to be more specific, in one or more of the many skills that constitute the IT domain, and provides on-demand skills to people who need them, usually businesses. In essence, the IT consultant operates like a business entity, and enters into specific contracts, usually for a specific assignment and for a specific period of time, with other businesses. IT consultants are also known as IT contractors.

It should work for you if:

  • You would like to be your own boss, choosing your work carefully and rejecting what you don’t have interest in
  • You have interest in pursuing interests and passions that are currently non-remunerative and need to generate income to support yourself
  • You are recognized as an expert in a specific IT-related field or skill that is both in demand and with a limited supply of talent
  • You make the effort to keep yourself updated on your chosen field of expertise and work
  • You have the discipline, belief and motivation to actively engage in meaningful work without constant supervision
  • You have a reasonable cushion to fall back on during tough times as there is no guarantee of continuing work
  • You are not dependent on benefits of a job such as retiral contributions and paid leave
  • You can handle a little bit contracting and negotiation related work as it may be needed at the start of every new assignment may

What are some of the benefits that IT consultants could look forward to?

  • Personal growth through a wide variety of projects with multiple organizations. Remember, you are no longer limited to one company and the type of work it chooses to give you. You can choose your work.
  • Remuneration can be attractive, particularly if you are a practitioner of a rare skill that happens to be in demand.
  • Growth in functional expertise as you get to experience a variety of situations and a variety of requirements.

Does it work for clients?

An arrangement only works if there is something in it for both sides. Clients today are increasingly looking for IT staff augmentation arrangements through which they engage more IT contractors instead of increasing their headcount. They have flexibility and get the services of a partner who adds to their capacity and skills, while giving them the freedom of not having to worry about finding work once the current assignment ends. With the presence of an IT staff augmentation partner such as Ushankk, they also don’t have to worry about the administrative requirements that have to be complied with.

It looks like a win-win arrangement for a client as well as an IT consultant.

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